Healthy Hive Check

All Beekeepers know that caring for bees can be a tricky business, and sometimes a little help can go a long way. The Nelson Beekeepers Club is running a Healthy Hive Check programme that offers beekeepers the chance to have their hives inspected. This will be free of charge and completed by a team of experienced beekeepers. This is open to anyone that has a beehive in the Nelson-Tasman Region.

We are aiming to check as many hives as possible over one weekend in April, with a focus on identifying American Foul Brood disease or symptoms, varroa infestation and general colony condition.  It will also be a chance to get rid of old or unused beekeeping gear which can be a source of disease.

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Interested? All you have to do is register your own hives by filling in the information below.

You would like to do more to help?

To achieve our goal we will be running an advertising campaign in local newspapers and on radio.  We will welcome donations to help with the cost of running our ‘Healthy Hive Check’. All donors will be issued with a receipt. We will be recognising all sponsors in both the print media and on this website.  If you wish to make a donation, it can be made into Nelson Beekeepers Club bank account 03-1709-0053534-00. If you do so please enter your name in the reference field, and email the Secretary of the Nelson Beekeepers Association at  to enable us contacting you in return.

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