Club Extractor

Guidelines for the use of Nelson Beekeepers Club Extractor

 1. Contact Details to be advisedNote, keep your honey boxes/ frames warm to ease extraction.

2.  Bring your own buckets for both your honey, and wax cappings.

3.  Bring $20 cash, fill in the receipt book with your name and contact details.

4.  Note, that there is an electric adjustable thermostatic controlled uncapping knife, plus a cappings scratcher, a red uncapping bin, and a Honey Pricker roller all provided for club members use.

Note also, that while the extractor has metal gears and reversible baskets it is wise to slow the spin gradually before changing direction.

5.  Clean the extractor by first tilting the extractor and sliding the trolley underneath [which is easy to do] then wheel the extractor outside and across the driveway to the sump at the corner of the house where it can be hosed out and scrubbed inside and out as needed to return the extractor to its original condition.

6.  Leave all supplementary club gear clean and tidy stacked away in the second red bin. Note that there is a long-handled spatula, scrubbing brush, sponges and tea towel provided for club members use.

7 Please report any difficulties, challenges or damages to the club executive.

8 Failure to comply with the above will result in loss of access to the extractor.

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